Two Starters Lost For The Season: Leaves Gapping Hole

My appologies for the live blog the mobile blogging software is suspect…

Losing Oneal might be one of the larger blows to this team in a while. As is well documented on this blog he was one of my favorite to watch. The only thing that saves us partly is having a good FB still healthy who is also very good.

The loss of Carter not only thrust Curry back outside but thinned an already weak WR spot even more.

Koren Robinson comes to my mind as the best possible signing we could make. Talented player with needed return skills. He also finally appears to have gotten his head right. I heard him ok the Monty show a couple weeks ago and he really has focused on his family and God. It is possible it was just talk but he seemed very geniune. He would immediatey help us on kick returns and is a viable option at WR. I wouldn’t believe we could pass up the opportunity to help in two areas when he so clearly fits both.

Coop, Spires and Irons were cut a clear sign we replaced Coop on special teams with Branch and that the over two never were good ideas in the first place.

More to come…

I guess Coop retired, but he knew there was a good chance he was done with the emergence of Branch. I wish him the best on his after football career.

I guess Michael Bush is getting some reps at FB. The more times we can get him on the field the better. I’d think with his size and experience as a RB he’d be a solid lead blocker, but he’d struggle as he has to pick up blitzes on passing downs. Still, the more versatile your team can be the better.

Veterans salaries are guaranteed if they make the roster week 1, but Robinson or even Joe Horn would be worth a look until then. We’d just have to make sure they are completely healthy, but if they are I see no problem paying them if we think they can produce.

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