2008 Camp Day 1

Camp is finally here. I guess there were a lot of positives today, because even Ol’ McDonald was upbeat. I guess when there is hardly anything negative to report, its tough to be negative, even for middle-aged sports reporters.

-Javon Walker doesn’t have any significant injuries and is in fact in better shape than he was during mini-camp when Kiffin said he wished Walker was in better shape. I find this to be a good thing because of the NFL Conduct Policy enforcement the media has been too quick to judge, when in fact Walker was just a victim. He could have been smarter, but we all make mistakes.

- Kelly actually talked to the media because he was told he had to. I like that he is willing to admit that he has no personal vendetta against the media, simply put he just likes to got to work and go home. I respect his finally coming out and talking to the media, even though he doesn’t really like to. I hope the media plays it cool with Kelly, because he still could change his mind and its nice to hear your $50 million players talk.

- Russell looked sharp

- McFadden looked as fast as advertised

- Asomugha cares more about winning than money, like I expected.

- Kiffin is not un-naturally forcing himself to be crazy enthusiastic this camp.

I feel really good about the season and opening camp was no exception. Even Turd Sands passed the conditioning test. That is almost as rare as Bill Belicheat passing a lie detector test.

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  • @DeeterSports Speed was fluffed up, but he's plenty fast. Big, high points. Drops were fixable. Wasn't a hands issue.
    about 7 hours ago
  • @DeeterSports Interesting. I think people are wrong about Perriman.
    about 7 hours ago
  • For the record, I like most of those players, just not where they were selected.
    about 7 hours ago
  • My worst picks lists: B. Scherff, E. Flowers, A. Armstead, S. Thompson, M. Edwards, G. Grayson, S. Mannion, F. Clark. Give me your top 5.
    about 7 hours ago
  • That's a lot of thumbs ups. https://t.co/hIROPPpwvD
    about 7 hours ago