2008 Pre-Camp Positional Analysis: WR, OL, TE, FB

So, I’ve been slacking. So sue me, I have a day job and I still do this stuff. Those other bloggers get paid and still can’t write a decent blog everyday.

So to catch up, here it goes, got to be a little more brief this time around.

WR: We shouldn’t get too concerned, but Walker has to be on our radar as turd player of the year. After signing a huge contract, he better produce or he will be tossed around like a cabbage patch kid at a toddler slumber party by the Raider Nation. That said, hopefully Curry’s bone spur removal also removes his case of the drops, and I suspect it will, in addition to the real competition for his starting gig, which hasn’t been around since Jerry Porter went Randy Moss all over Art Shell. Or did Randy Moss go Jerry Porter over Art Shell, or is Owens supposed to be in there? Who knows. ANYWAY, Curry should turn it up and hopefully Brad Roll’s influence on Curry keeps him in the starting lineup. The wildcard here is Drew Carter which the other blog heads are touting as a dark horse. I do hope so, but the chemistry with Russell and Lofton is talk, and talk is just that, talk. I do think we should have a more solid WR core, as long as they can stay healthy, which they all have had some trouble doing in the past. I don’t see many of the other WR as locks to make the roster, Higgins should get a chance to return kicks and get some field time this season.

OL: There has to be serious concern here at the tackle spots. Grove and Wade should fill the Center spot nicley and Gallery and Carlisle were actually very good playing OG last season. Harris, Green, and Henderson all leave a lot to be desired at this point. But who am I to doubt Tom Cable? One thing is for sure, we will be able to run the ball, because that seems to be one thing Harris is very good at doing, run blocking.

TE: The Water Boy (Zach Miller) should turn into a probowler as long as he doesn’t have to block and old pros such as Tony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark don’t get the second TE spot behind Gates. Hopefully he isn’t needed to block, but if he is he is more than solid doing so, making him in the mold of Heath Miller, but better. Madsen was underutilized by Kiffin last season, hopefully Kiffin realizes the mistake and uses Madsen’s ability to gain mismatches wisely. There is no lock for the blocking TE spot, but certainly Stewart has the edge.

FB: Oren O’Neal might be the next Lorenzo Neal/Mack Strong blocking FB to come along and Justin Griffith is no push over. This often under appreciated position should play a large role in or offensive scheme. Don’t forget about Griffith getting a few carries and passes as well. I love to watch Oneal block, it might have been one of my favorite things to watch last season, I suggest you try it.

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