10 Things You Must Do For Draft Day

1. Try to get your better half involved. Including the girls will not only provide you with some distractions when your waitng for the 31 other lame teams to pick, but getting the girls together also provides them with enough distraction not to care you are wasting your Saturday on the couch, and you might get lucky enough for them to provide you food as well.

2. Stock the fridge Friday night. Chips and Salsa, Guacamole, and other chips are a crowd pleasers. Now that the draft is in the afternoon, consider firing up the grill and throwing on some steaks you marinated the night before. DONT FORGET THE BEER!

3. Expect Suprises: The Raiders are always good for one or two. Ryan Clady anyone…lol…I hope not. Be ready.

4. If you don’t have a DVR get one, yesterday. Getting those highlight videos replayed is near impossible and being able to get that last pick without waiting for the ticker is great. Dual Tuners so you can watch both ESPN and NFLN is going to ensure you get multiple angles on the picks. Wise buy.

5. Break out your laptop, so you can get stats, complete draft pick list, and more to provide to your guests. Also a good way to make fun of Mel Kiper Jr and Mike Mayock for their mock drafts and good for a laugh or two.

6. Invite non-Raider fans. When their teams make a stupid pick you can razz on them all afternoon. The 49ers traded what pick for Joe Staley?

7. Enjoy getting excited about the pick, even if you would have picked someone else, its important to support the team. Getting mad really doesn’t do anything for you. So enjoy the pick now, just in case we get another bust.

8. Do all your chores Friday night and Saturday morning so there is no possible conflict with the female partnering unit. Nothing is worse than your buddy getting it to take out the trash 20 seconds before the Raiders pick. Arguements are even worse. Don’t put them off either, that is asking for a conflict.

9. Wash your Raider gear, We all know it has been sitting at the bottom of the hamper since December and we don’t want to smell you anymore than we already do.

10. Come back to this blog Sunday for a report from Alameda via podcast. Shameless plug. However, you can really give me a hard time if I don’t come back with any juicy tidbits of information for you. If I do, you’ll be glad you came back. Also chat with people using the chat feature on this site. It is a common place so you don’t need to connect via 8 different IM clients. That way you guys can chat it up while I am in Alameda. Post on the fourm as well. It needs some good Raider fans to populate and the format owns other formats, or at least I think so.

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