Kiffin Airs The Laundry (and its not that dirty)

Well, Kiffin finally broke his silence and it is just about what I thought it was. Kiffin had a rough offseason because Davis decided he was going to make the moves he wanted to make, with less of Kiffin’s input. The two obviously wouldn’t see eye to eye on everything, that is to be expected, and Davis obviously let Kiffin get some guys he wanted and Davis obviously got some guys Kiffin didn’t feel was a big need.

Ryan was ready to make a move for Kiffin to get his own guy. Ryan was ready to leave and Kiffin agreed, Davis put a stop to it. That was Al Davis overruling Ryan and Kiffin. So much for Davis siding with Rob all the time. It was more Davis liking Rob’s style and not knowing if the next defensive guy would go with the man-to-man scheme.

McFadden is not a need according to Kiffin and he says we could trade down. That is Kiffin’s opinion, as Al Davis doesn’t trade down in the first round, baby. Still, you have to put some stock into your head coach not thinking McFadden is a need. It could be a decoy, but Kiffin is pretty straight forward kinda guy.

Kiffin talked about defensive lineman with the 4th pick…interesting considering Dorsey and Ellis both play the same position as Kelly. Unless this is a decoy, Kiffin is talking about Gholston, he has to know Chris Long wont be there.

HMMMMM and Kiffin doesn’t expect the draft to be any different from last year in terms of how much say he gets.

If Gholston is there, I now officially think we will pick him regardless of whether McFadden is on the board.

If Gholston is not there, we will try to trade down and if we can’t we might take McFadden with that pick.

It has nothing to do with my personal liking of McFadden and more to do with our team and the actions they have been taking.

This is big news as well, because now we know Kiffin will be back, and like I’ve said on numerous occasions, his pride is hurt, but he still wants ot coach.

Podcast coming tomorrow!

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