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Remaining Offseason Needs

Well, there is a lull in free agency now. So maybe it is a good time to review what our remaining needs are. This will be done from what I believe to be the team’s perspective and not my own.

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Raider Rage: 1 “Free Agency”

Moved to the board for ease of use and better responses.

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A Plan From the Man

I don’t think we give Al Davis enough credit.. Or maybe it isn’t Al Davis. Somehow the Raider managed to not only keep us reading about the Raiders all offseason with the Kiffin job related drama, but they also managed

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  • @donaldday0129 @iRaiderNation age
    about 23 mins ago
  • @djbowen3 What's your point? My point was, hasn't been ongoing thing and that was a trial.
    about 24 mins ago
  • @djbowen3 when?
    about 6 hours ago
  • Pay for future production. Not past.
    about 6 hours ago
  • Makes sense to let market set price for Donald Penn. I've never been on the must re-sign side of things considering age and likely demands.
    about 6 hours ago