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Drew Carter Speeds Up Receiver Core

Drew Carter signed today to a one year, $2 million deal. Seems to me we really got a discount on the guy. He has good size and speed and performed well in Carolina. Why might he come so cheap? The

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Gray to Visit, Russell 260

According to Jerry McDonald of ANG Newspapers who cites NFLN, Quinn Gray is expected to visit Tuesday. Gray did very well in reserve duty in Jacksonville and it would be nice to have a quality backup. A bit surprising he

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Raider Rage 1 “Free Agency”

Reneg and I just finished the first installment. We have a few bugs to work out in terms of formatting the entire thing, but you should enjoy it as useful banter. Reneg made some nice comments about potential quality free

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Defensive End Might Be The Way To Go

Lets look at the defensive line as a whole, which many of us declared the weakest link of hte team last season Sapp’s retirement frees up Kelly to play the 3 tech DT spot, something he had rarely been able

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BPA vs Need: Old Argument; New Concept

It isn’t that you don’t always want to get the best player; you do. However, a team can’t just draft the BPA and ignore all their weaknesses. It is a balance. Too much on one side tips the scale. Talent

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Tenative 2008 NFL Draft Order All Rounds

Edit: Taking up too much space: Here is the details. Not sure where we got the extra 7th from. 1- 4- 4 Oakland2- 3-34 Oakland4- 5- Oakland6- 3- Oakland7- 6- Oakland7-19- Oakland from Minnesota through New York Jets

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Raider Nation: The Draft Rankings (Defense)

Here is the defense: DE:1a. Chris Long – Everydown DE. Limited upside at OLB IMO, but probably will be a very good DE. May not be able to live up to his hype in the NFL, but he has the

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Raider Nation: The Draft Rankings (Offense)

I’ll start with top 5 players at each position. If I feel like it I will do SECOND 5 (otherwise known as 6-10) at a later date. I base what I can on the games I have seen, the film

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Mixed Messages

What an offseason it has been. $50+ million in guarantees to free agents. Just plain wow! Holding the #4 pick the Raiders keep throwing the fans and media off their trail. First they sign Fargas to a a contact and

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Al Davis Empties His Diaper and Robs His Own Grave

Javon Walker: 6 years, $55 million, $16 million in Guarantees, $27 million over the first three years.Kwame Harris: 3 years, $16 million I don’t like these signings at all. Walker has a history of injury and Harris is a penalty

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  • I can also take a moment to thank our current service members, the friends of the fallen, for their service and sacrifice. Thank you.
    about 8 hours ago
  • I can thank their loved ones so they know the life was given in service to a grateful country. Thank you!
    about 8 hours ago
  • Many have given their lives in service to this country. I can't thank them for their sacrifice, but I will remember them today.
    about 8 hours ago
  • Just saw a TV commercial for a law firm targeted at former NFL players re: the concussion settlement. Can't turn a profit on that, right?
    about 24 hours ago
  • Athleticism, Smarts Will Help Chris Conley Play DeSean Jackson Role for Chiefs | Bleacher Report -
    about 1 day ago