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So its been a pretty dull couple of weeks since DeAngelo came to town. I want to bring attention to an article by Monte Pool. Some of you may have read it.

Here are some highlights with my commentary.

The focus, instead, is on Al. How he’s betting the house. How — by committing to roughly a quarter-billion dollars in new contracts — he’s spending like with utter disregard to anything beyond 2008.

Failure to see past the dollar signs and the CBA Monte. The veteran player contracts will balloon when they fix the rookie contract situation. A new CBA is coming after the owners opt out and will certainly be more player favorable. Not mention the slight chance there is for no cap.

If Al wants Kiffin gone, find $3 million or $4 million to pay off his contract. The parade of wealthy new Raiders is proof the boss will spend for the right cause. If Al trusts himself enough to pay Kwame Harris $14 million over three years to protect JaMarcus Russell’s blind side — yes, Harris is pencilled in at left tackle — Al ought to trust himself enough to find a coach he can respect.

But if Al wants to keep Kiff and give this union the slightest chance to be successful, he would have to undo much of what has been done.

If Al wanted Kiffin gone, he would be gone. If Kiffin wanted to be gone, he probably would be gone. After all, no one in football would blame Kiffin for leaving a shame of an organization like the Raiders, right Monte? Undoing what he has done, like hiring Kiffin? Maybe I take him out of context here, but quite simply put, Davis hired Kiffin. So Davis would have to undo what exactly? He never did it in the first place Monte, to assume so on your part is well, not very smart. Davis ALWAYS was the boss.

The Raiders instead have a severely compromised head coach trying to develop an inexperienced quarterback, while supervising a defensive coordinator he likely would have replaced, while trying to avoid contact with the boss and hope to be heard by his players.

Which leaves the Raiders to decide how to present Hall, who is willing to promote the brand. The desire for this was made clear by the Raiders in a recent meeting with executives of this newspaper.

Developing an inexperienced QB is part of the job description and frankly in any other profession you have to work with, and for, people you don’t prefer. Lane and Rob probably have no animosity. I do think Lane is disappointed that he isn’t more involved, but how much say did he think he’d get? He had to know it is Al’s team and unless contractually obligated, Davis isn’t going to do anything. Heard by his players? Isn’t this a pretty general concern?

So the Raiders want to know how to get good PR and the newspaper likely told them just how to do it. Here is what I am sure they said and Monte put to well.

do they place Hall on stage between Al and Lane? You know, a show of organizational harmony, complete with frozen smiles, votes of confidence and maybe a few flying chest bumps.

Who knows what the Raiders will do, but overall I think some media members don’t accept the Raiders organization for what it is. For that kind of commentary I recommend Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee. Jerry McDonald might break stuff faster than Jones, but for some reason the Oakland Tribune is somewhat bitter. As for Monte, well, I usually don’t bother with him or Nancy Gay.

News and Notes:

1. I’ve got a loose source that tells me that Tommy Kelly (a guy who never speaks with the media) is racist. I have no reason to believe my source is lying, but it IS their opinion. Take it for what its worth to you, if anything, but the source told me that he really doesn’t like Caucasian people. Our line coach is Caucasian. I do know the source has the right connections to be in the loop on the type of guy Tommy Kelly is. Intriguing isn’t it?

2. McFadden…wow. The debate continues. That is all I have to say.

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