JAB (Jerry, Al, Bill) Could Make the Big Move

The more I think about this offseason, the more I wouldn’t be shocked if we moved up to get Chris Long. I am not usually one to make up possible trades, but if ever one made sense, this one does. Per NFL.com’s Adam Stiffler, the Raiders still want to make a big move.

Here is something I could see happening.

The big three know each other well (Parcells, Jones, Davis)

Raiders trade: #4 Pick, Fabian Washington, Turd Sands
Miami trade: #1
Dallas trade: Both first round picks and a 4th.

Raiders receive: #1(Chris Long), Cowboys 4th rounder
Dallas receive: #4 (McFadden), Turd (NT in the 3-4)
Miami receive: Two first rounders, Washington

There may be some other parts, but that would be the base of the deal.

Not only does JAB know each other well (and thus talk to each other), but the deal makes sense for all parties. Also, because they know each other well, it is easy for the three teams to keep it a secret. The trade might not go down until after McFadden falls to #4 to ensure the Cowboys get the guy they want.

The Cowboys need a NT, Turd is a good fit. They want McFadden to spell Barber and they get him at #4 (I don’t believe there is much of a threat from the #2 or #3 spots unless the Jets try to move up, which I doubt as well. The Cowboys also don’t want to give up a ton to get McFadden and they get a deal here that is sensible enough.

Raiders want Chris Long, and although we would have to bite the bullet for another #1, Al Davis is just crazy enough to do it and hasn’t been shy about the $ this offseason. Plus we get another pick and the legacy Al Davis loves to market.

The Dolphins don’t want the #1, they have too many needs to fill. By trading out and getting two firsts and Washington, they get three starters where they normally only would have gotten one. Maybe another pick is involved here as well.

This is hypothetical and a 2nd day draft pick could be added or taken away here and there or some reserve players (Especially from Dallas to Miami). The point is the McFadden to Dallas, Chris Long to Oakland, Miami more picks makes a lot of sense.

Like I said, I am not usually one to post these types of hypothetical draft trades, but considering the three know each other so well and that it accomplishes what each team so desperately wants.

You never know, I might just be called a genius IF it does happen.

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