Gray to Visit, Russell 260

According to Jerry McDonald of ANG Newspapers who cites NFLN, Quinn Gray is expected to visit Tuesday. Gray did very well in reserve duty in Jacksonville and it would be nice to have a quality backup. A bit surprising he wouldn’t want go to a team that would give him a chance to start.

Also Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee reports Russell “is a lot closer to the 260 pounds or so he finished the season at than anywhere near 300.”

I am unsure of why there is so many Raiders rumors. My guess is the haters are out because anyone with a bad eye can see we have improved and are improving.

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  • Anonymous

    You know Gray would’nt be such a bad idea, he did really well when he had to step in for the starting Qb in Jacksonville, I wonder if he can be mobile. all I know is that there’s not that many Qb’s out there and he’s a safe bet.


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