Raider Nation: The Draft Rankings (Offense)

I’ll start with top 5 players at each position. If I feel like it I will do SECOND 5 (otherwise known as 6-10) at a later date. I base what I can on the games I have seen, the film I can find and a tiny bit on a few prognosticators, but they aren’t that accurate so I disagree a lot. Defensive Rankings Coming Soon.

1. Chad Henne – Has the total package
2. Joe Flacco – Will develop into a very nice QB in time
3. Matt Ryan – INTs follow you to the pros
4. Brian Brohm – I don’t see any upside, might be a solid starter
5. Erik Ainge – If he works on mechanics and doesn’t get hurt he could be very good

1a. Darren McFadden – My only question is can he take the pounding in the NFL with his height and running style
1b. Jonathan Stewart – Size/Speed Ratio is amazing, Every down back
3. Rashard Mendenhall – Has the size and speed, one year production could be a concern
4. Chris Johnson – Will be useful as a change of pace back and be a big play threat
5. Jamaal Charles – Could be a very nice back for someone not needing an every down type of guy.

FB: (I hate ranking Fullbacks!)
1. Owen Schmitt – Aggressive and a good blocker
2. Jerome Felton – Can do it all, but needs work
3. Peyton Hillis – Not a blocker. If your not using a FB to block, then why not just use an extra RB?
4. Sorry can’t go on, to be honest I didn’t pay enough attention to FBs and I don’t care enough to watch any videos.
5 See above…at least I am not BSing the picks like some people do right?

1. Limas Sweed – Top Intangibles, More speed than people think, productive and good hands. Needs to work on consistency. Good size and strength and can go up and get the ball. Clutch performer.
2. Malcom Kelly – Good size and hands, needs to work on routes, deceptive speed
3. DeSean Jackson – Lacks the size to make a significant impact on the NFL. Best chance is as a kick returner. #2 WR with playmaking ability. Would complement an Anquan Boldin type player very well.
4. James Hardy – Great Size and speed is good for a guy that is 6′ 7″ tall. Should be able to dominate smaller NFL CBs. Because the NFL still lacks taller CBs in most places he could really do well some weeks and disappear others depending on who is covering him.
5. Mario Mannigham – Runs good routes, clutch, lacks elite speed and is only average size. I see a very productive WR, but nothing special in the future.

1. John Carlson – A poor man’s Zach Miller.
2. Fred Davis – Has good potential to be a offensive threat, but wont be an every down type player due to size and blocking deficiencies.
3. Dustin Keller – Fluid and fast, could make a surprise impact, but has similar size and blocking concerns as Fred Davis
4. Martellus Bennett – Great size might make him good red zone target, but he is a little skinny for his height. Also not quick enough to get to the deep zone.
5. Jermichael Finley – Like Keller, but doesn’t make it look as easy or have the same quickness.

OT: (Here is where I get to have fun)
1. Ryan Clady – Size and athleticism make him a LT in most schemes, plus he would be awesome in a ZBS scheme and because my rankings are based partly on the Raiders he is my top OT.
2. Jake Long – Elite RT, average LT. I guess I got this from Mayock, but I just don’t see him having the skill set to be a real good LT. Seems to get pushed around by the speedy ends even if he doesn’t give up sacks.
3. Gosder Cherlius – Will be a good RT in a drive blocking scheme.
4. Sam Baker – Wont be great, but could be a solid lineman for a long time barring injuries
5. Jeff Otah – Not a natural knee bender and NFL lineman will get under his pads. Probably a good RT if he can learn to bend better. This is a lot lower than some people have him, I guess we will see.

1. Chilo Rachal – Doesn’t do anything really well or terrible. Sounds like an OG that will be in the league for a long time. Also has reason to try hard in the NFL.
2. Brandon Albert – Why #2? Simple he doesn’t get low enough with his pads to stop elite DTs and he isn’t as athletic as I would like to see from an OG that you ask to pull a lot. Could fit in some systems very well. Many people have him replacing Faneca in PIT, I’d think a team like that would be a good fit.
3. Chad Rinehart – Just needs NFL coaching to excel, could see him being a very good OG. Most of his problems are technique. If he can learn, he could be a steal.
4. Jeremey Zuttah – I think he has the most potential outside Clady to be great in the ZBS system, Strong, good straight line speed, decent agility. He probably could even gain a few extra pounds and still be very good.
5. Roy Schuening – Not great at anything, but will be a grinder for years.

1. Mike Pollak – Seems to be in that old center mold, smart and a team leader. Could be great for a young developing OL in need of a leader. Wont be a great physical player, but he could get 4 guys on the line in the right place and make them dominate so he wont have to. Limited Potential. Might not be a immediate starter.
2. Steve Justice – Probably a great fit for the ZBS, but he will struggle against the big guys unless he can pack on some pounds. Is smart and pretty athletic.
3. John Sullivan – Sounds like a Great Center name. Besides that he has a ton of experience and I think his deficiencies can be corrected with the right coach and I think he will take well to the coaching he receives.
4. Kory Lichtensteiger – Probably a good ZBS fit. Has good footwork, just isn’t dominating and lacks size. Is smart and uses good leverage techniques.
5. Cody Wallace – Not that productive and didn’t seem to be dominant, a project.

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