Mixed Messages

What an offseason it has been. $50+ million in guarantees to free agents. Just plain wow! Holding the #4 pick the Raiders keep throwing the fans and media off their trail. First they sign Fargas to a a contact and McFadden becomes and after thought. McFadden comes back into the picture when we sign Kelly to play DT and we realize Fargas deal is a one year deal in disguise. McFadden again is on the table.

Then instead of cutting Rhodes we restructure his deal. That gives us Bush, Rhodes, Fargas to make the roster. This leaves little room for McFadden if he falls to #4. Some well respected people don’t expect McFadden to last that long, as the Jets or some other team will trade up to get him. If he does fall to #4 it puts us in a difficult situation with so many running backs on the roster. I compare this now to what I said about us not drafting a DT with #4. Just too many eggs in one basket. Even though I like McFadden a lot, again it doesn’t make sense…maybe the Raiders will surprise me again.

My other favorite is Vernon Gholston. However I stated that because the Raiders like Richardson so much and we have Burgess that it might not make sense. WR and DE continue to be the most thin positions on the roster. So I bump Gholston up to my 51% chance draft selection for the Raiders. Still doesn’t seem to be a great fit considering the Raiders think they have their starters at DE.

CB: Aso, Routt, Washington, Carr <--set
S: Huff, Wilson, Stu. Eugene <--set
LB: Howard, Morrison, Thomas, Williams <-- thin here, but not in need of a top pick, we need two backups with good special teams ability
DT: Kelly, Warren, Sands <--We could add one more, but we have a lot of money invested here so likely a late rounder pick or a lesser known FA
DE: Burgess, Richardson <--need 2 more

FB: O’Neal, Griffith <--set
WR: Walker, Curry, Higgins, etc <--Could still use one more solid WR
RB: Fargas, Bush, Rhodes, Echemandu <--I want McFadden, but for sake of fairness...set
QB: Russell, Walter <--I could see us needing two as we may trade Walter
OT: Harris, Henderson, Green <--not a special group, probably could add one)
OG: Gallery, Carlisle, Morris <--set
OC: Newberry, Grove <--Newberry isn't a done deal, but I'd have to think he will be back
OC/OG: Morris
OG/OT: McQuistan

I just don’t know what player at #4 we would be most inclined to take. RB, DT, DE none of them make great sense.

Raider Nation will likely be split on whoever we pick for this reason and if we trade down we will have a split among fans that think it is good and those that think we missed the chance to take a big time player.

Al Davis always surprises, and dang he is good at keeping anyone from knowing what he is thinking.

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