Combine Report: Friday

1. Lost the coin flip. So there is no need for the NFL to try to make us do it again. The only way I see drafting four as a large negative is if Dorsey falls to #3 and Atlanta picks him. Otherwise I don’t think it does anything but save us money. It may also reduce what we could get should we trade down, but it will also make it easier to move down should we try.

2. DeSean Jackson measured in at just 5’9″ and 169 pounds. Huge knock to his draft stock for 3 inches and 3 pounds? How can they list him at 6’0″ and he actually be 5’9″…that is funny stuff. I can usually shrug off 1 inch as rounding…but come on Cal. He has also been training for the combine, which means he may have weighed less during his playing years.

3. Rob Ryan insists the rumors about him being fired are fiction. You have to wonder if we have someone in the organization with a vendetta that is spreading these rumors. Rumor also is Al Davis is NOT impressed with Rich Snead, maybe it is mutual?

4. McFadden weighs in at 211, Mendenhall 225, Stewart 235. I am a little disappointed that McFadden didn’t make it up to 215 or 220. IMO at 211 he lacks every-down size. On the flip side, if Stewart can run a sub 4.5 forty at 235, he might jump up my rankings more than he already has. Mendenhall’s 225 is ideal, but he will have to run sub 4.5 as well, and why not take Stewart who has ten more pounds of beef at the same speed?

5. Rob Ryan is a tough guy to read. He said in training camp Moses was good, but Richardson was better, and guess who made the team? Well, he is at it again. This time he said Gerard Warren was playing at a Pro Bowl level before his hamstring injury. If that is the case and Dorsey is gone by 4 (which is a near certainty), we could opt to take a long hard look at other positions. Clemons and Kelly are also likely to be re-signed leaving only the Sapp gap. Not as thin as we might think if all this is true. It would be a disappointing move considering how poorly the line played last year, but maybe if Burgess gains some weight like Ryan suggests that would help. Having a healthy Kelly and Warren also couldn’t hurt. We never really had those two playing on the line at the same time.

6. Shaun Rogers will be dealt within a week. Kelly, Warren, Rogers, Burgess and Richardson, Clemons, Sands backing up.Rogers can be easily had for our second round pick. You have to be at least a little interested don’t you?

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