The Draft Conundrum

We lose the coin flip and McFadden is gone, Dorsey is gone, Chris Long is gone.

Many of us like Ellis, but we could get him at 8. What is a team to do. The simple answer is trade down, something I have never seen Al Davis do in the first round.

Jerry McDonald of ANG Newspapers put it this way, “The Raiders don’t normally trade down, but then again, Davis is fond of saying, “I’d rather be right than consistent; In other words, rule nothing out.”

We lack a 3rd and 5th round pick this year. For a rebuilding team, that is significant, especially since one of our best draft picks came out of the 5th round last season (ironically the worse pick came out of the 3rd).

Trading down will likely net us a 2nd or 3rd depending on how far we move down and if we move down from 3 or 4. We could also shop Fabian Washington, who people still think has potential for a pick or two.

Andrew Walter potentially has value and according to McDonald could bring a late round pick (borrowing a lot of Jerry on this post).

Trade down and net a mid 2nd, trade Fabian for a late 3rd, trade Walter for a 5th and all of the sudden.

1,2,2,3,4,5,6,7 + any compensatory picks (we may have few and mostly late ones this year).

Potentially we could draft 3 to 4 early starters and maybe more if we find some OL late that fit our scheme.

The funny thing I know about Al Davis is he likes to build through the draft and let big time FA’s go and look for value in free agency (Sounds like another Oakland team)

We just haven’t done a good job drafting in recent years, or more importantly finding a system and coach to help that talent.

I usually hate to do it, but I have to agree with Mark S on the fact that the Raiders are usually the most impressive team off the bus, but lack discipline (I would say direction).

It is time things changed and they need to. It is frustrating because of the unknown. If any of you are like me the suspense is killing.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re a moron.

    Sed Ellis is definitely not going to be on the board at 8.

    And while I don’t disagree that it would be good to acquire more picks, your logic of why we need them (that we got our best pick in the 5th round) is astoundingly bad.

    You should also look up the definition of “ironic” so you can use it correctly.


  • Chris

    “Moron”…how adult of you!

    Many Mocks have Ellis going #6 to NYJ or #9 to CIN.

    His stock has been rising, so I can see your point if you want to make it.

    Our best pick was Jay Richardson…simply because we got him in the 5th, not because he is better than Russell or Miller.

    All the different senses of irony revolve around the perceived notion of an incongruity, or a gap between an understanding of reality, or expectation of a reality, and what actually happens.

    The expectation of reality is that the 3rd round pick is better than the 5th round pick. What actually happened was the reverse and therefore ironic.

    Maybe YOU should look up “ironic.”


    I like the fact that you insult and aren’t even man enough to put your name to your comment.