Offense just as weak as Defense

What some people aren’t understanding is just how much a RB who can catch the ball would change the offense. Fargas is horrible out of the backfield and the others are sure cuts (Rhodes and Jordan). Bush can catch the ball out of the backfield, but doesn’t have elite speed, at this point we don’t know what to expect. Griffith was about the best we had.

McFadden would help in this area tremendously.

Also, how many TDs did Fargas have last season? 4. That is it! We have to do a better job of getting into the endzone. Last season the opposition stacked the line with 8 or 9 guys and Fargas couldn’t go anywhere when we needed it most.

We need to a) trade for an elite WR to make them respect the pass or b) find some other way of getting into the endzone (I think McFadden could help that.)

Pat Sims in the second would help plug up the run of defense and just like you have addressed TWO of our biggest needs…no not RB, but scoring and rush defense.

We ranked 18th in the league in redzone scoring % and faired well in TD scoring % at 6th. However we had just 35 attempts (tied 28rth). OUR DRIVES WERE STALLING OUT EVEN BEFORE WE GOT INTO THE RED ZONE!

The offense still needs a lot of help.

The defense was not as bad as we make it out to be. Sure we allowed a ton of rushing yards, but our red zone scoring % allowed was 14th and red zone TD % allowed 12th.

If you average those two relative numbers the offense came in at 18+6/2= 12th and the defense came in at 14+12/2= 13th. Closer than you likely expected? We also were 26th in YPG and 22 in YPG allowed. 23rd in pts and 26th in points allowed.

In sum, I don’t care if we get McFadden or a defensive player. What I do care about is improving on both sides of the ball, because BOTH sides need help.

With stats rankings hovering around even for defense and offense, I favor getting Russell some help whatever way we can.

I think many McFadden supporters are open to getting defense. It is time for the defense supporter to be open to McFadden.

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