Fargas Re-signs

Ouch. This hurts for McFadden supporters. The terms of the deal will be interesting. One would guess this makes McFadden a lot less of an option, but never rule anything out with Al Davis.

Bump up the likelihood the Raiders are going for a defensive lineman. Dorsey, Ellis, Long all now become tops on our list (or so it would appear).

McFadden’s receiving ability may still make him a darkhorse, especially if Dorsey and Chris Long are off the board.

If ever there was a year to move down, this would be it. My guess is we could move down to 8 and still get Ellis. That would mean a #22 pick or so if we are going down from #3 or a #50 pick if we are moving down from #4.

Then we could possibly acquire a SS and WR.

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  • Starts or plays well? I hope he plays well. Was my No. 1 OL in 2013 in draft. Makes me look smart. https://t.co/ulQazjQCCl
    about 2 hours ago
  • That was fast. Scheme fit. https://t.co/kgJCovflBh
    about 2 hours ago
  • I read something into Fisher being bad and dropping down depth chart more than Reid moving guys around. https://t.co/JudTRx7Gat
    about 3 hours ago
  • Not a great sign for him, Chiefs. https://t.co/RyeVl5BE8m
    about 3 hours ago
  • Chris Clark is more likely to be cut than start at LT in my opinion.
    about 3 hours ago