Fargas’ Deal and What it Might Mean

According to Jason Jones, Fargas’ deal is worth $12 million over three years with $6 million in guarantees. The contract could escalate to $14 with incentives. $6 million is also due to him in 2008.

What does this mean Raider Nation? I see this signing in one of two ways. First off, the length is on the shorter side, with many people expecting it to be three or four years. Also, the deal is only worth $4 million per year, which isn’t a huge number. $6 million in 2008 means just $3 (or $4 with incentives) due in 2009 and 2010. When I receive news of how the base and signing bonus is split I will let you know. It might mean a lot if we were to want to make him a backup in a year or two or cut him.

The front-loaded deal does mean a couple things. Jordan and his $6.9 million are 100% gone. Also Rhodes and his $3.5 ($5.5 with incentives) is also as good as gone.

This is where it will be subject to some debate. Does this mean for sure McFadden is not on our radar? I don’t think so. Al Davis surprises many, but more than that, most rookie deals are back-loaded (and Fargas’ deal is front-loaded). You see how this works? OR It could mean McFadden is not what we want and the Fargas deal is just front-loaded in case Bush turns into a stud.

At this point we wont know. My guess is the Raiders beat writers may be able to see which prospects the Raiders are eying at the combine (Like how they loved Vince Young a couple years back).

Sean Jones, a member of the Oakland Raiders’ personnel department, said:

“All I need to know about Vince Young is that he came up with one of the greatest performances ever in the Rose Bowl. In the fourth quarter, I saw (USC coach) Pete Carroll throw every kind of blitz at Vince. I saw Vince read the blitz and beat the blitz. I don’t care what his Wonderlic score is. The only score I care about is 41-38.”

I don’t think this ends the debate for McFadden supporters, but it sure doesn’t help.

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