D-ebt T-ackle Ratio

I know defensive line might be our greatest need. From the poll results so far just about everyone is in agreement. However, the Giants may have ultimately screwed us. Here is how. The Super Bowl brought to light what a good defensive line can do for a team. The entire league is now thinking they need a better defensive line, even if they have a solid line to begin with.

Now the market is inflated and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ellis go much earlier than previously anticipated. Also the price may skyrocket on players like Corey Williams and even our very own Tommy Kelly.

Are we completely screwed? No, because with the 3rd or 4th pick we can pick one of the top three. However, teams will be looking for any help they can get on the line and should we cut Warren, would be there to pick him up.

Here is something few people have mentioned as another hurdle in the race for a DT.

We have Sands and Warren at the position. Look unspectacular? On the field it does. In Al Davis’ wallet it might just have to look better. Sands and Warren combine for $8.5 million cap next season, $9.7 in 2009, and $13 in 2010. Warren’s is almost entirely base salary and could be cut, but being that he has been better than Sands, that doesn’t make any football sense. Cutting Sands would be a huge waste of cash and so we are likely to at least keep him for the next two seasons to get some production. If he doesn’t turn into an absolute stud by 2010, you cut him and his salary increase of $3 mil.

It looks like we are unlikely to cut either player for the reasons mentioned above. Because if that, do yu really want to invest another $5+ million per year to this position? That is a lot of cap for one position. Don’t be surprised if we go another direction if available to us.

For sake of spreading the cap around signing Fargas or drafting a top RB would make more sense.

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  • @RyClev assuming 100% health I would agree....but I never assume that.
    about 39 mins ago
  • It better be or they are doomed in 2014. RT @RyClev: @ChrisHansenNFL You think the Raiders D is on par with the Broncos minus Ware?
    about 42 mins ago
  • Not w/o Ware. Shouldn't we hold him to higher standard? MT @RyClev: Peyton going against a better defense. Plus he didn't suck last year.
    about 49 mins ago
  • Unfair to Schaub to knock him for one bad day. Has as many interceptions in last 2 days as Peyton. Woodson x2 and Webster x2.
    about 1 hour ago
  • I told you guys I have been impressed with Thorpe and Chekwa...Allen mentioned them today unprompted.
    about 1 hour ago